Japanese (Sakura) Scale

The Japanese Scale is a cool sounding pentatonic that will instantly invoke the feeling of far away lands when you pull this one out of your guitar bag of chops! Below you’ll find the scale in the key of C and some of it’s hidden gem arpeggios. Sakura Scale

Prometheus Scale Arpeggios

The Prometheus Scale holds many interesting arpeggios within! Below are some guitar arpeggios in the root position of the C Prometheus Scale.

Harmonic Minor ii-V-i’s

Using Harmonic Minor Scales is a simple way to add exotic sounds to your guitar playing! By using the Harmonic Minor scale you can build interesting ii-V-i patterns, or more accurately iim7b5 – V7 – im7 patterns. The raised 7th in the Harmonic Minor Scale creates a major 3rd in the V chord, effectively changing…

C Major 7 Flat 5 Arpeggios

CMaj7b5 Arpeggios are a great way to add a very exotic touch to your soloing. Check out these 3 string arpeggios. Compact and easy to play, you can quickly add a touch of the far east to your solos with these arpeggios!